Dramatic Acting

Kelley Lord has starred in seven dramatic films. Verdict Guilty, a film directed and featuring Kelley Lord, was chosen for The Best of 2017 through Actor's Green Room. 

Line Producing her first short film, TINA, has already screened at New York Shorts International Film Festival, Women’s International Film & Arts Festival, and won awards at Big Apple Film Festival and The Art of Brooklyn.

She played the lead role in the feature length film, Gerdaq as Evil Queen Anna which projected to come out next year.

Times Up, Directed by James Lynch

Tumbling After, Directed by James Lynch

A Mother's Love, Directed by Aeris Nguyen

Photo shoot from the film, A Mother's Love, where Kelley plays a Helena, creepy codependent mother.


Peephole, Directed by Ji Tae Kim (Currently Screening)

Peephole Poster.jpg

Yours Truly, Directed by Aaron Tran

Fidelity, Directed by Richard Jackson

Photo shoot from the film, Fidelity, where Kelley plays a predatory high school teacher.


Samantha, Directed by Jiandong Shen

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!