Written Work

With a BA in Broadcast Journalism and Creative Writing Kelley has found a way to incorporate her love for writing throughout her video career. She has had over 100 articles published on sites like Elite Daily, Thought Catalog and Enstarz with views as high as 600K shares per article. Below is a space for written work that she has chosen to publish on her own.

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Ode to the Michelada

by Kelley Lord

Ode to the Michelada

Playing with bonfire

Diving into a kiddie pool

It's harmless

Until you're armless

Flapping around like a fool


Try a sip

Take a dip

The water's spicy 

Take a pinch

Move an inch 

Spirits are dicey 


I won't bring it home

We're not allowed to rome 

I can't afford it but we can pretend 

If I order more maybe it won't end


The warmer it got, the more unappealing 

But if I leave it out, I have a feeling

Someone will drink it passing by 

More in need of a drink than I


That's not good for you

It will make you sick

But what's good for you

Never sticks.