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Brief Bio:

Kelley Lord is a comedic actor, content creator and relatable millennial who is best known for her 7 seasons producing and starring in Elite Daily's weekly show "Gen Why" and her appearances on HBO's Succession, A+E's Bae or Bail, Orange Is The New Black, Investigative Discovery's Evil Lives Here and The Real Story with MES, Good Morning America and Betches. Her viral memes, videos and articles have reached millions of views granting her a verified checkmarks on Facebook and Twitter and recognition from The Webby Awards, The Huffington Post and multiple podcasts. Kelley is currently seeking representation as she produces her own short film, makes her parody music video debut and grows her plant family.

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A Not So Brief Bio: 

Kelley Lord is NYC actor and content creator who enjoys finding the comedy between the lines of life. After 4 years as a producer for Elite Daily, Kelley was nominated by The Webby Awards for her seven seasons writing, producing and starring in the weekly comedy talk and sketch show "Gen Why" for Best Variety Show working with the top millennial comedians and influencers from NYC to LA. 

Diving into acting full-time the past 2 years Kelley has already starred in 11 films, including the feature, Gerdaq, and produced and directed award winning shorts. Kelley's branded spots have included Good Morning AmericaT-MobileFranzia and several locally broadcasted commercials. She starred in an episode of A+E's Bail or Bail pranking couples and has appeared in HBO's Succession, Betches and several Investigative Discovery crime shows including Evil Lives Here and The Real Story with MES (no actual criminal record FYI!)

What makes Kelley such a well rounded actor is her understanding of production growing up behind the scenes. After 8 years as a Production Assistant for NBC, Kelley has worked on virtually every show for NBC Sports in the NYC and Stamford studios as well as dozens of remote shows around the country including The Olympics, on the same set as SNL and for the Super Bowl this year. Working at ESPN, CBS, BET Digital, NPR, PBS, iHeartMedia, Bustle, The Maury Povich Show and The Trisha Show didn't hurt either!

Her ability to make others feel connected and comfortable on set is a strength that has helped her acting as well as her documentary filmmaking. Her mini doc Feminist High was screened in the Athena Film Festival and her documentary "Adderall: Overprescribed and Underestimated" and "Two Teens Created The Largest Non Profit to Help Fund Eating Disorder Treatment" gained national attention. Kelley's articles "Servers Not Servants: 31 Things Your Waiter Wish You Knew", "How I Knew It Was Time To Leave Someone I Didn't Want To" and Pokemon Go Parody each gained over a million views worldwide earning her verification check marks on both Facebook and Twitter.

Kelley is currently seeking representation as a TV and film actor and digital content creator. She writes, shoots and edits her own videos and her recent impression of Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner got her stamp of approval! Currently Kelley has just written her first short film and music video, both set to go into production this year. Her schedule is flexible, her attitude is bright, and as you can tell, her self promotion game is strong.